My first webpage

HTML is the language used to create websites. It stands for HyperText Markup Language. Zo begint de tutorial die ik een aantal jaren geleden heb geschreven op HubPages.

Deze tutorial staat nog steeds online. Hij is wel in het Engels, maar de inhoud is vrijwel hetzelfde als de inhoud die ik in mijn workshops ´website maken´ aanbied.

And that is exactly what it is: a markup language for hypertexts. A ‘hypertext’ is a text in which some of the words are linked to other parts within the text or linked to other (related) pages. A ‘hypertext’ basically means that the text allows you to jump to other texts or other pages, by just clicking on a word or phrase inside the text. In this way the text no longer has a linear structure like a book, but becomes part of complex collection of texts.
HTML is a simple computer language which enables you to present your texts and information on the world wide web. On this page I will give a basic introduction to HTML. If you follow all the steps in this tutorial you will have your own first webpage ready at the end of the page.


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